On Book Buying (Binges)

So there’s been a little bit of drama with booktube lately, but, honestly, enough people have addressed it that I don’t really want to. Instead, I’d like to discuss a different thing.

If you follow me on twitter (link at the bottom of this post), you might have noticed that I was really excited about going on a book-buying binge. See, every year, I save up all the Barnes and Noble gift cards I get (which I get primarily on Christmas and my birthday) until employee appreciation week when the employee discount on books increases.

Yesterday was the first day of that week, and I bought a nice little mountain of books for relatively cheap. This all had me thinking about how I decided to go buy a book, which books I buy, and my general buying habits. For a vaguely related discussion, you can check out my post on libraries from aabout a year ago. I also posted my thoughts on book hauls a few months ago.

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Bookish Things on My Doorstep

So Lori from Ink, Keys, and Other Things (who’s awesome, by the way, so I’d recommend bookish and writerly people check her out) suggested that I do a post on book subscription boxes due to a comment I made on twitter this week. And as I didn’t have another topic in mind for today, I thought I should~

Note 1: I am not getting paid for this or anything like that.

Note 2: Although one of these boxes did not work for me, I encourage you to check it out if it sounds like something you’d like to try.

Note 3: All opinions are my own, and I would love to hear yours, too, so comment with anything you have to say!

That being made known, this is a review of/comparison of 3 different subscription boxes, and a discussion thereof. You can click the names of the boxes to go to the website.

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