Welcome to the Book Boulevard, traveler. Have a seat, kick up your feet. Can I offer you some tea, coffee, or water? I’d love for you to be comfortable while you’re here.

My name is Blaise.

It’s lovely to make your acquaintance. I do hope you’ll glance around a bit–maybe read a post or two, leave a comment? I really enjoy having conversations with you, traveler. You have such a fascinating perspective.

I’m the blogger, writer, and reader here at the Book Boulevard. I post about writing and reading, hoping to further the three values of this blog: creativity, compassion, and critical thinking. I am here to encourage, to advise, to share my own troubles in the hopes that they may comfort you.

In May 2017, I hope to finish my stint at university with degrees in Communication and German. Currently, I’m working at a tutoring center, assisting students at my university in developing the skills they need to succeed in their courses. In my free time, I write speculative fiction, wander about on social media (you can check me out on Twitter at @BlaiseHaddow, follow or friend me on Goodreads, and/or follow me on Tumblr, for example), play and DM tabletop games, color, and read far too little.

I hope to use my experience and my passion for stories to make this blog a resource for you, traveler. Although you’ll find book reviews in the archives, I’ve chosen to focus on case studies instead for future posts. You are welcome to ask questions, request topics, or just stop to chat (in fact, I love it when you do). I hope to make this a safe space for people to express themselves and their opinions. My goal is to respect everyone, to encourage diversity in all forms, and to acknowledge unique perspectives wherever possible.

Thank you for stopping by, traveler. I hope to chat with you soon!


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  1. That’s so cool that you’re a writing tutor, it must be fun! Oh and if you’re looking for fantasy recommendations Game of Thrones is a good place to start 😉

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