Thou Shalt Not: The Commandments of the Book Boulevard

Thou Shalt NotToday is a day of changes. Sort. The following are five commandments of the Book Boulevard that I’ve sort of been following already, but that I wished to share with you as well. Part of my goal with this blog is to be transparent. I want to share with where I can and where I deem appropriate.

From hereon out, I shall not post reviews. Instead, I will be posting case studies, in which I will take a piece of media and comment on some aspect of it (most likely related to storytelling). This commentary does not necessitate that I endorse the media—I may very well discuss something I find problematic—but simply that I find it interesting and/or worthy of discussion. I have a few things lined up for this, like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Emerald City. If there’s anything you’d be curious to hear me discuss, just let me know!

From hereon out, I shall not participate in awards. Instead, I will participate in tags I find interesting, if I should choose to. I will not be tagging people. If you tag me, I may or may not do the tag. I’m more interested in writing tags, currently, than reading tags (in part because I find the latter repetitive). I find that tags can make people left out when they don’t get tagged, and I don’t really want to participate in that. I would rather provide content that will hopefully be beneficial and/or interesting to everyone. I always invite discussion.

From hereon out, I shall not post reading updates. Instead, I will be posting the occasional writing update. If you’re curious about what I’m reading, you’re welcome to follow or friend me on goodreads and/or twitter, or to ask me. I always like to chat about reading, but I don’t think that a blog post on it is really the best use of this space. I hope my writing updates will still include something for you, as I intend them to have a reflective element and perhaps even advice.

From hereon out, I shall not procrastinate. Instead, I will be writing posts ahead of time. Posts will still go up every Sunday. Occasionally, posts may even go up during the week, should I be particularly excited or productive. This is a goal, more than it is a commandment, per se, but I’m hoping that, by adding it to this list, it may come true. Hey, my streak isn’t terrible so far, right?

From hereon out, I shall not comment less than 5 times a week. Part of blogging is discussion, after all. Getting comments on my blog makes me so incredibly happy, and I want to share that happiness with others by commenting on their blogs. It’s a great way to have interesting conversations and to build community, both of which drew me to blogging in the first place. Although I think this time investment will be challenging at first, I do think that it will be worth it. After all, comments are wonderful ❤

These are the commandments I’ve laid down for myself for the next few months. I hope to make this blog successful, to draw an audience with whom I’m regularly interacting, and I hope that these rules will assist me in doing so. I want to provide quality content, and I would love your feedback!

What do you think of these policies? How am I doing in the blogging world?

And what are your policies for blogging?

Thanks for reading, happy writing, and safe travels ❤



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