Beautiful People #4 — Random

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Good day, travelers! Today, I’ll be chatting a little bit about one of my characters. Every month, Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In host Beautiful People, which is a creative writing link-up intended to help writers develop their characters by asking a series of 10 questions. I put up a poll on Twitter to see whom you guys wanted to learn more about, and you voted for Mateo from Kadabra Way.

          1. What’s their favourite book/movie/play/etc.?

Mateo isn’t one for media, honestly – he would rather experience the world for himself or speak directly with those who have. However, he tends to be drawn to things about travel and exploration. He would like Gulliver’s Travels, I imagine, and something like The Canterbury Tales, Up, and/or The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. He’d find himself drawn to the story as much as to the fantastic and exotic visuals.

          2. Is there anything they regret doing?

Well, when he talks to his mom and she guilts him for leaving home he kind of regrets that – but not enough to actually go back home. He would regret stealing the wallet that got him in trouble, but he kind of likes where he’s ended up. Soooooo… I suppose he really prefers to take life in stride rather than worrying about things he can’t change.

          3. If they were sick or wounded, who would take care of them and how?

Prior to the beginning of the WIP, he’d have to take care of himself or have to get lucky enough to be able to go home. After the start of the WIP, it’s definitely Elle who would take care of him. Not only does she have a soft spot for him, but it’s kind of her job.

          4. Is there an object they can’t bear to part with and why?

Mateo doesn’t really do physical possessions. He carries with him what he needs and nothing more (often less, actually).

          5. What are 5 ways to win their heart (or friendship)?

Mateo is a sucker for a good story told well, especially when it’s about travel. He loves hunts and clues for adventures, too—treasure maps, for example. If you can cook like his mum—with just the right amount of  spice, lots of rice and beans and vegetables. People who have a thirst for adventures and lots of wild experiences fascinate him. He also really loves surprises, because what’s the fun of life if you know what’s coming next?

          6. Describe a typical outfit for them from top to bottom.

I’m going to do from bottom to top because it makes more sense to me. Start with worn sneakers and a pair of athletic socks. Lead up to jeans, also worn, probably with a hole in one or both of the knees covering loose-fitting boxers. A muscle shirt visible under a t-shirt that probably has spots of dirt and/or sweat on it. He wears a gold cross around his neck. Sometimes, he can be found wearing a baseball cap on his curly hair to shade his eyes.

          7. What’s their favorite type of weather?

Mateo loves clear weather—the sun shining bright, empty skies, with just a bit of a breeze going.

          8. What’s the worst fight they’ve ever been in?

Well, there was that one time that Mateo accidentally pissed off that one werewolf and ended up nearly losing his head as a result. So that was pretty bad. He still has the scars from it, though he does his best to cover them up.

          9. What names or nicknames have they been called throughout their life?

His mum frequently calls him hijo or niño, and his siblings sometimes call him Matty. Generally, though, he prefers Mateo and doesn’t like it when anybody else calls him by that name.

          10. What makes their heart feel alive?

New experiences. It makes his heart fly when he stumbles onto new frontiers, when he sees sights he’s never dreamt of, especially those he’s never seen pictures of before. He loves that newness. He dreams of it, craves, and seeks it out at every opportunity.

If you’re curious about Mateo or any other characters, feel free to drop me an ask on my tumblr page ~ I love chatting about my babies and stories!

Happy writing and safe travels ❤



4 thoughts on “Beautiful People #4 — Random

    • Aww thank you ❤ I try to make all my characters interesting xD

      He got in a tussle with a few at a bar. He would tell you they provoked him, but really he pickpocketed one of them and, when confronted, said some choice words about the one guy's mother. He can be really impulsive — and it tends to get him into trouble.


  1. Someone who likes The Canterbury Tales, Up, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty immediately snags my attention. I want to be friends with that person. What a unique set of favorites, but they all make perfect sense to me!

    Liked by 1 person

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