On the Road Again


Welcome back, travelers. It’s been a long time. Thank you for your patience.

2016 was an interesting year for me–and doubtless for you, too. As a resident of the US, I’ve been seeing a lot of emotional turmoil. A lot of people are upset. A lot of tension built over the past year and a half, and something was bound to give eventually. Maybe it finally did. Talk of -isms and diversity has exploded on my Twitter feed in a way I’ve never seen before. There seems to be outrage on all sides. It isn’t really something I want to get into right here and right now, but these events have had a major influence on me and what I would like to share with you. In a way, I suppose it’s a mission statement.


That is my motto. It is the mantra I’m trying to live, and it is the one I plan to blog by.

Be creative.  To me, this means trying. Writing is my primary outlet, and I choose to continue my journey in pursuing it, despite past disappointments and failures. It is my creative passion. I also strive to be creative in the way I think, in the way I approach and attempt to solve problems, and in the way I live my life. This means avoiding ruts. This means change–and being okay with that change, something with which I struggle. It also means seeking out other avenues of expression–like dancing and coloring. It means living life and trying new things–new to me, at least.

Be critical. This does not mean to be negative. This means to acknowledge and seek to understand problematic representation, to address -isms, to reflect, to analyze. This is to think critically about the world I live in, the way in which I and others communicate, and the impact I have on this life. I want to become more aware and informed, to better support where I can, to ask questions, and to really listen to the answers.

Be compassionate. My greatest wish is to have a positive impact on the lives of those around me. I seek to be a force of good in this world. Right now, there is a lot of pain in it, but much of it is also outside of my circle of influence. My influence may thus be small, but that’s okay, because I can–and will–do good with it. I am here. I am here to listen, to learn, to encourage. I am here for you.

I feel this song so much–and I will be there for you.

Be creative. Be critical. Be compassionate.

These are my values and goals. They are what I hope to apply to this blog — to my social media — to my writing — to my interactions with others — and to my life in general. It is my mantra. It is how I plan to make this coming year a good one, because I know I at least have that. I have the power to try, and I have to believe that I have the power to make that difference for myself.

I believe you have that power, too, so how will you make 2017 a good year for yourself?

Safe travels,



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