Let’s Get Meta — Discussing Discussion

Do you like to talk? Maybe not.

But do you like to discuss things, to think about something and see what other people think? I do. It’s one of my favorite things.

Today, I’d like to get meta and discuss the idea of discussing things.

What is a discussion post?

I’ve seen this sort of wandering around the blogosphere, and I think it’s a fair question, albeit with a very subjective answer. A discussion post, in my opinion, is technically whatever you decide it is. For me, personally, I like to see some more in-depth discussion, I suppose, some weighing of pros and cons or an explanation of opinion or something like that. I like something that poses a question to me and allows me to engage.

How do you approach discussion posts?

As a reader or as a writer, what do you look for in a discussion post? How do you approach it? What is your purpose? Why do you read them, and/or why do you write them, and/or why do you comment?

Do you discuss to explore a concept? Do you discuss to share an opinion? Do you discuss to address a problem? Do you discuss to get others’ opinions? All of the above or some combination or something else? I would adore hearing your takes on it.

Personally, I like all of these approaches. Sometimes, for example, writing is an excellent way for me to organize my thoughts, to figure out what I think about something when I’m not entirely sure. I sometimes really like to share what I think—I can be a very opinionated person, I’m afraid (though I always try to be nice about it). For that, though, I also really like hearing others’ opinions and why you think what you think, which is why I like posting discussions.

What are your discussion habits?

This could be a post all on its own, and I’ve seen some lovely people discuss the the effectiveness of commenting and such. Do you have a tendency to reply to others’ discussions? I do my best to say something when I have something to say, just because I do enjoy the interaction, the back-and-forth. Few things make me happier than seeing someone comment on one of my posts and—even better—comment back once I’ve replied.

It’s something I try to keep up when I am on other blogs as well, though it’s a little difficult when it’s a blog not on wordpress because it’s difficult to a) see whether the blog owner has replied to my comment or b) even remember what posts I’ve replied to so I can check back regularly. This is a personal thing that I am trying to be better about—and I am so sorry if I miss out on something.

Do you discuss on other social media?

This post has been mostly about blogging, but we talk a lot about other social media here, too. Many of us have a twitter and a goodreads, some of us are youtubers, and so on and so forth. Personally, I find discussion through twitter to be most common, but maybe you see lots of discussion in other places, too? What are your preferred methods for communicating about books or in the bookish sphere in general?


Thanks for reading, travelers!
I would love to hear your thoughts on these things<3


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8 thoughts on “Let’s Get Meta — Discussing Discussion

  1. I usually post discussions to 1) share my opinion, and 2) learn about other people’s opinions. I’m genuinely interested in how other people feel about the topics I post because I already know what *I* think lol, but I love understanding people and seeing things from different perspectives. I’m often surprised by the responses I get, by how many people agree or disagree, by points they bring up that I never even thought about.

    I agree about the commenting back on other blogs thing. It’s just that, most commenting systems either notify you for every single comment that gets posted after yours or none at all, and I don’t like my inbox filling up with random comments. But when I don’t get a notification, I often forget unless it’s a blog I visit pretty much every day.

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