Quarterly Goals #3: April, May, and June

This is a special week, because you’re getting two posts, back-to-back. Oh my!

I’ll be making this exception for every Quarterly Goals post. Unless you don’t me to post them at all, which I can do—just let me know.

Last Quarter’s Goals

Rather than listing all the goals I failed at (and I failed miserably), I’m going to comment on the goals I actually succeeded in.

Writing Goal #2) Finish plotting #TheProject.
I killed this. I have my scenes all figured out, and I’m even doing emotional arc sticky notes! I’m very excited by this development.

Writing Goal #4) Find 1 or 2 critique partners and many more beta readers.
Well, I found them. I said nothing about keeping them. And I would love to have a few more beta readers! I promise corporate superheroes, long-lost friends, and heist-like shenanigans~

Blogging Goal #1) Get 260 blog followers and 20 bloglovin’ followers.
I got the blog followers and I am one Bloglovin’ follower away from 20, so I’m counting this a success. Thank you so much to everyone who is reading and liking and commenting and sharing. I appreciate your patience and your faith in me ❤

Blogging Goal #4) Edit my follow list.
So, technically, I did do this. I’m still doing this. I have a feeling this will happen every once in a while, but I’m still counting it!

Blogging Goal #5) Reach 330 Twitter followers.
I blew this out of the water again and, once again, thank you so much for paying attention to me!

Personal Goal #2) Do well in my classes and impress my boss with events at work.
Despite being sick for a month and a half (hence my absence), I’m getting decent grades and I even won employee of the month, so I think I succeeded in doing this~

Personal Goal #3) Purge my room.
I purged of paperwork and knick knickas/dust collectors, so I’m counting this. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of things, and I feel better with a little less clutter.

Personal Goal #4) Have fun with family during spring break.
While spring break was the epitome of not a break, quite busy and stressful, I could arguably be said to have had fun some. At least I got done no homework whatsoever (which was incredibly stressful last week).

Personal Goal #6) Get better at driving my manual transmission car.
I got so good at this that my manual-driving, car-knowing work friend forget I was driving a manual. I feel so good about this.

VERDICT: 9/19 goals achieved, which is kind of sad. If I had 1 more goal completed I would have met my pass. Sad. Now, on to next quarter’s goals!

Reading Goals

1. Read at least 3 books.
I’ve been failing at this so hardcore it hurts me a little bit, so I’m going easy on myself for the reading.

2. Finish Tintenhertz.
I need to read this book for an essay I’ll be writing, so I should probably finish it. I consider it an expert goal if I can get through the sequel as well.

Writing Goals

1. Win Camp NaNoWriMo.
I have so much writing to do and this might be the only way to get it done. My goal is going to be the standard 50,000 words. I’ll keep you updated~

2. Find 5 more beta readers.
I am so grateful to everyone who is giving me feedback, but I would prefer to have a few more people just so I can more easily cross-check feedback and get a more accurate picture of what works and what doesn’t.

Blogging Goals

1. Post once a week.
I hope to do this by actually scheduling ahead of time. We shall see whether success is a thing.

2. Read and comment on the blogs of others more consistently: 2 times a week, minimum.
I want to discuss, and it would be stupid of me to think I can only discuss on my own blog, so I will engage with you on yours as well~

Personal Goals

1. Renew my passport.
So, the flight and hotel are booked, the appointment has been made, and I have collected most of the necessary materials. I will be doing this on April 18th. I really hope it works out for me.

2. Pass my classes.
Hopefully, I’ll be getting straight A’s, but there’s no guarantee of that considering my current state of things.

3. Book my flight.
Because study abroad requires a plane flight to the country where I’m studying.

I know these goals are much barer than the previous ones, but I am thoroughly stress and exhausted from everything I’m trying to do, and I think this will be a little more friendly. Out of the above 9 goals, I need to accomplish 6 in order to consider this a pass.

If it turns out that these are ridiculously easy and I need to do an update, you will see a 3.# before the next one.


Thanks for reading!
What do you think of these goals? Manageable or ridiculous?
Do you have any goals you’re working toward right now?


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