On Purging

I confess: I am a pack rat. I used to be worse than I am now, but I’m still pretty bad. That’s why, this quarter, one of my goals was to start purging. I suppose you could call it a prelude to spring cleaning, though that’s not something I ever do, so…

"Desktops are off-limits. Anything on the floor is sweepers-keepers."

I thought it might be fun to talk about a little bit. Maybe you can learn more about me, and maybe I can learn more about you ^^

Bookish Purging

A few weeks ago, I deleted every single item on my Goodreads to-read list. As of the writing of this, 22 books have found their way back onto that shelf. That is SO much better than the 500-some I had on it previously. It’s freeing. In future, I want to be more careful of what I put on the list.

At some point (though I don’t know if I’ll do it this quarter), I would also like to go through my shelves and purge the books that I know I won’t read or reread. I want to give them away as presents, or do a giveaway here on the blog if I can afford it, and just make more space on my shelves.

So that I can buy more books, of course.

But I also want to clear out the list of book blogs I follow, honestly. I feel like I follow a lot of blogs that don’t update regularly anymore, or that I don’t actually read, and I don’t want to falsely bloat their follower counts or clog up my reading list with things I won’t read. Sorry, but it’s better for both of us if we don’t even talk ^^;

How do you determine whether to keep a book or to pass it on? How often do you get rid of books? Never? Every week? What are your favorites ways to get rid of them? How do you determine which book blogs to follow?

“Professional” Purging

I put this in quotation marks because I’m talking less about my job and more about the supplies for work and school and writing (which will, hopefully, end up professional. I have a ton of writing supplies that I really need to go through—what pens still work? Do I really need this many pencils? What I keep I want to organize and minimize in terms of space, so that I have more space in general and am using what I have available to me more intelligently.

But this extends to more than writing supplies. I have old binders and notebooks from years of classes past. I’ve already purged some of these in the past couple of years, but I kept a lot of things that… well, I’m now realizing I need to be harsh on myself and be really comfortable admitting that my notes from my forensics science class in 2012 probably aren’t relevant anymore.

This also means I’d really like to clean out my desk some. For reference, my desk is a plan of wood on top of two filing cabinets. I want to clear off this space as much as possible. I want an uncluttered, uncrowded work area because I like to spread out while doing homework, and I think it will help to declutter my mind. For reference, this is what it looks like currently:


What does your workspace look like? Are your more organized than me (and, if so, what are your tips for organizing your workspace)? What’s your favorite part of your workspace? Why does it work for you?

Personal Purging

This is sort of an all-around thing. I want to clean out my room and my life a little bit of the things that are cluttering me and making me unhappy. I have, for example, empty boxes that I’ve been hoarding because I know I’m going to move again and I want to be prepared—I’m going to get rid of these because I don’t need them now and I can get more boxes when this happens.

I also want to go through my old clothes, figure out what still fits and what doesn’t, and get rid of everything that either doesn’t fit or that I know I won’t wear anymore. I plan to donate these locally where possible. I really need to clean out my closet.

And, finally, I want to really look at the relationships I have and say goodbye to some toxic “friends.” I need a clean break from the people who stress me out just by having a conversation with me. That isn’t healthy, and it definitely isn’t making me happy, so I need to say goodbye.

It isn’t so much that I’m trying to live a minimalist lifestyle (though that would be interesting), but that I’m trying to be more organized and happier by getting rid of all the things in my life that I’m just not going to be using… most likely ever. It’s coming to terms with things ending, I suppose, and learning to be okay with that.

What is one thing in your personal space that you want to get rid of? Why have you kept it so far?


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26 thoughts on “On Purging

  1. I went through my closet/chest of drawers last month and got rid of a lot of stuff that didn’t fit, didn’t suit me, or I just plain didn’t like, and it was amazing. Before I was basically living out of a laundry basket because there was never any space in my drawers for the clothes I actually wore. Now there’s space for everything and I get a little nerdy thrill opening up a nice neat drawer.

    My books, on the other hand … Well, I could do with decluttering my bookcase.

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  2. I did a significant book purge about ten years ago, and have done pretty well at maintaining it. The main things for me were realizing that a) I rarely re-read anymore, b) I especially don’t re-read fiction, and c) most fiction is available at the library. This means I kept the small amount of essays and poetry collections that I owned, the “reference material” (hiking guides, gardening books, etc.), and a few books of high sentimental value and excellent condition, or beloved books that are out of print. When I get new books as gifts or impulse buys, I try to re-gift them once I’ve read them. If it’s YA, it goes straight to my classroom. If it’s good, it gets passed to a sister or friend. If it wasn’t that great, it goes to Goodwill.

    I do buy a ridiculous amount of books for my children, because I believe strongly that until they have their own habits as readers well established, having books at the library is too far removed. We use the library a ton for them too, but I want them to have THEIR books that they bond with over time.

    I am a disorganized mess in many areas of my life. I kind of have to go cold turkey when I purge.

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    • That’s really intense! I’m impressed.

      I definitely see the merits to what you do, but I don’t think that I’d currently be happy doing so. Part of my love for books stems from the fact that just having them, being able to sit among my shelves, can be incredibly calming to me. They’re old friends who whisper familiar things from the shelves, or new friends whose whispers I can’t yet understand.

      I am, however, hoping to do something like that with my clothes.


  3. I have two bookshelves and I limit my books to that. I mostly use the library because I read too many books to buy them all. If I do buy books, I get ebooks. I keep books that I reread but other than that, it goes. I hate having too much stuff.

    I purge my TBR lists a lot too.

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    • That sounds really efficient. I tried to do that, but realized it wasn’t halting my buying habits because I was playing Tetris with the books and making them fit xD Personally, I’ve never been fond of ebooks, but I can see the appeal, especially when one is on a budget.

      How do you go about purging your TBR list? :3


  4. Love this post, Blaise! And great timing too! I started a book purge last week. I just felt like I had too many books–ones that I haven’t read or won’t reread. I want my personal library to be a collection of my favorite books, ones that I truly love and are worth reading again. It will probably take me a while to go through everything but from what I’ve cleared so far I already feel better 🙂 maybe once I’ve finished that I can tack my clothes and everything else haha.

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  5. I am SO bad at purging. Like, I know I should, but then… I cannot. I have gotten better (I used to literally cling to things that my parents would try to get rid of because they were not of any use!) but I still have a hard time with it. Books are a biggie. So are clothes, which is weird, because I don’t wear at least 90% of the ones I own, so why do I have them!?

    But you are basically my hero for deleting your Goodreads TBR. Like, I wish I had the courage to do that! Because let’s be honest- I am not ever going to read the 1200+ books on my TBR. But then I worry that I will forget some, which is silliness. As for blogs and such, I usually can’t bring myself to unfollow unless the posts are REALLY irritating. I guess I just feel bad for anyone losing a follower? I have no idea hahah.

    I love this post though, because I feel like SO many of us struggle with it!

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    • I have a really hard time getting rid of things, too. There’s sentiment–and oh, what if I need it later?–but also the fact that going through takes time that I would rather spend doing something else.

      With the TBR, the decision became easy because someone mentioned to me that if I forget a book was on it, I didn’t want to read it badly enough for it to find its way back.


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