Shadow and Bone Buddy Read!

Allow me a hipster moment: I bought Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo before it was cool. As in, the year it was published. Before everything got crazy for the release of Ruin and Rising.

The clincher? I haven’t read it yet.


Yeah. That’s a thing.

For me, it came up again recently because I’m doing research for The Project, which has to do with superpowers. From what I remember, Shadow and Bone has superpowers. So I took a picture and asked opinions on Twitter what book(s) I should read (you’re welcome to vote, too, if you like~).

Red Queen was supposed to be on the list, too, but oh well.

Lori at Books o’ the Wisp mentioned she hadn’t read Shadow and Bone, and that she wanted to pretty soon as well because of the Six of Crows hype.

So we decided to do a buddy read! Over the next two weeks, we’ll be reading Shadow and Bone together. We hope to read the whole of the trilogy this year, actually, with specifics to come up as we go through the sequels.

We split the book in half, and we’ll be spending a week on each half–week 1 will be through chapter 11, and week 2 will be chapter 12 through the end. Our discussion will take place in letters that we’ll be writing to one another and sharing publicly on our blogs so you, our readers, can participate/read along with us! I might be fangirling on twitter, too, if I’m loving it. We’ll see~

Here’s when things will be happening, in case you’d like to follow along:


Sunday, October 18: Lori will post the first half letter on her blog
Wednesday, October 21: I will post a response here
Sunday, October 25: I will post the second half discussion here
Wednesday, October 28: Lori will post her response on her blog

We’re thinking of doing some sort of conclusion thing, but that will happen if and when it happens~ Have a lovely day and I hope you get a chance to participate in our discussion!

Thanks for reading!
Will you be participating in the readalong?
Have you read the book before?
What did you think? What should we watch out for?


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