Persistence and Procrastination

The parallel to Pride and Prejudice was completely accidental, but then I liked it enough that I didn’t want to change it even though this post is not as much about procrastination as it is about persistence. Oops?

Sidenote: this is a personal post with some shallow analysis of how I’ve handled this blog and hinting at how I hope to move forward. It may be a little flow-of-consciousness.

I struggle with consistency, but not with persistence.

In Fall 2010, I attempted NaNoWriMo for the first time. Due to some family issues, I did not complete it. I have tried every year since. I have never hit 50 thousand words. The same has gone for each Camp NaNo session that I have participated in. I will continue to try until I do, and probably again afterward. My pattern during these sessions tends to go as follows: Write consistently for about a week. Meet daily word counts. Write sporadically for the next two weeks. During the last week, write madly in an attempt to catch up and, ultimately, fail.

I suppose it isn’t failure in the sense that I’ve (usually) gotten a lot of writing done. It is, however, failure in the sense that I have not met my goal.

It appears that blogging follows a similar pattern. See, I’ve been thinking about blogging a lot lately. I’ve been reading blogs and occasionally commenting on them. I’ve had ideas for posts.

But I don’t sit down and actually write them.

Thanks to Google Images

Thanks to Google Images

This is partially because my current schedule is kicking my butt a little bit. I get home pretty late three days of the week, and do social things (aka tabletop gaming) the other two. On weekends, I am tired and have to do homework. These are all, really, excuses. I could be writing blog posts when I’m browsing twitter or watching netflix or youtube.

Essentially, it comes down to procrastinating on that which I claim takes more energy than I have, and being persistent both in that procrastination and in the insistence that I will not stop.

I do not intend to stop.

I enjoy blogging.

I enjoy having discussions with other bloggers.

But I’ve also been noticing the types of the posts that I enjoy reading (which are usually the ones I enjoy writing) and the ones I find myself avoiding. This may cause me to adjust the focus of the blog a little bit—potentially swaying more in favor of writing and craft than book reviews. I still intend to do book reviews, because I do enjoy writing them sometimes, but I also want to talk in more depth about the process that is writing (and read more about it).

Please bear with me as I figure things out. I really appreciate the patience you’ve already shown me.

Thanks for reading!
What do you procrastinate with?
What types of posts do you enjoy reading?
Do you mind that I’ll be talking more about writing?

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4 thoughts on “Persistence and Procrastination

  1. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I struggle with what I want to post about, and I often get ideas from watching Booktube videos and discussions before presenting my own ideas on that topic on my blog. But it can be difficult, and the procrastination wins out.

    Honestly, it’s your blog, do what you want with it! If you feel that talking and reading about writing is what you need to do to help you get that extra “oomph” you’re looking for, then do it! I had a writing blog up, but have since taken it down, only because I never updated after starting my reading blog. It’s about finding your niche and where you can go. Do your best!

    As for the posts I enjoy reading… well, I need to work on reading OTHER people’s posts instead of just lurking around my own blog. It gets boring and lonely after a while, haha! So, pretty much, you’re one of the first people I’ve commented on and I’ve been doing my book blog for over a year. Kind of sad, but hey, gotta start somewhere!

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