“Quarterly” Goals — Fall 2015

I took an unintentional hiatus and I think, retrospectively, that it was a good idea. See, classes start for me this coming Monday, and life is going to go a little crazy. I’m taking 15 credit hours (that’s five writing-/reading-oriented classes) and working 15 hours a week on campus, with roughly a 2-hour commute to and from campus.

Life is going to be a little hectic.

As Jenna Moreci recommends, I’ll be making some “quarterly” (I’m going for more than a quarter of a year but it doesn’t sound as nice) goals to hopefully get me through the semester just fine, in terms of blogging, homework, writing, and reading.

    1. Do one blog post a week, minimum. Alternatively, do a total of 18 posts over the course of the semester.
    2. Turn in every homework assignment on time.
    3. Hit 200 blog followers by the end of the year.
    4. Hit 100 Twitter followers by the end of the year.
    5. Accomplish my Goodreads Challenge by reading (as of today) 36 books. I’m a little behind, but I have high hopes. It breaks down to 2 books a week.
    6. Decide whether to participate in NaNoWriMo in November. If so, win NaNoWriMo. Alternatively, write at least 5 thousand words per month.

My list might be a little short in comparison to some of the Jenna’s lists, and some of goals rather low or rather high, but I think it’s a good starting place. I’ll hopefully be doing an update on my progress regarding these goals sometime in October.

I’m also in the progress of typing up some posts that I will be scheduling over the course of the next handful of weeks. You will see more of me!


Thanks for reading!
Do you have any goals for the upcoming months?
Does school start for you, too?


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11 thoughts on ““Quarterly” Goals — Fall 2015

  1. Good luck with everything! Gosh I know how it feels when things get hectic, I’m currently in my last few months and a bit of school, exams are fast approaching and school work is piling up right now!
    I hope you reach all the goals you’re planning to accomplish. xoxo

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  2. I totally know the pain of 15 credit hours (of really reading/writing-intensive classes) plus on-campus job. I don’t have that commute (dude, that sounds awful O_O), but it gets totally draining. Adding the blogging and SM stuff on top and you’re in for a wild ride.

    Good luck with everything! The first two weeks or so might be a little weird, but once you get into a rhythm/schedule I hope it becomes more manageable! ❤

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  3. There’s definitely a hectic frenzy when school starts. Commuting and working during the semester really isn’t all that fun either. And ugh, 15 hours of reading/writing-intensive courses? I’m taking 16 this semester but they’re all in the heavy sciences. With all that and blogging, I’m sure it can be overwhelming. So it’s great that you’re taking a step back and prioritizing your studies, Blaise! Wishing you all the best!

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  4. My goals:

    -finish this draft of my WIP
    -graduate without screwing up my GPA
    -keep my blogging schedule (minimum 2 writing posts/week + 1 book review)

    And that’s about it XD Of course: continue meeting new people/writers, grow the blog, etc, but those are all somewhat secondary to my main goals 🙂

    Good luck, Blaise! I’m so excited for you and that college has started (I’m also taking 15 credits that are reading/writing intensive, and I don’t have a long commute, but I work 20 hrs/week, so we’re somewhat in the same-ish boat). Regardless of how much stress it adds, learning’s a good timeI know I probably won’t be doing NaNo, but let me know if you decide to go for it and I’ll cheer you on!


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    • Good luck with the graduating thing (and congrats on being sooo close)!

      I need to meet more writers. Writing buddies and critique partners are sought. Maybe I should put up a wanted poster xD

      I’m thinking of doing a planning NaNo rather than a writing NaNo but we’ll see how excited I get. I might just get ahead of myself. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm!

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