Thinking about Eve: The Awakening by Jenna Moreci

Hello! It’s Thinking Thursday, and that means it’s time for a review 😀 I got this eARC for free from the author with the challenge to write a review. I am SO excited to share this with you and I hope you all rush to pick this one up soon!

Thanks to Google Images

Thanks to Google Images

Title || Eve: The Awakening [GoodReads] [Preorder HERE!]
Author || Jenna Moreci [twitter] [youtube] [tumblr]
Published || August 2015
Form || eARC
Genre || Science Fiction
Rating || 4/5
Yay || The dialogue, the characters, the plot
Nay || The writing
Summary || Eve is a chimaera–stronger, faster, and gifted with telekinetic abilities–and she’s tired of these aliens killing people.


Dear Eve: The Awakening,

I have so much to say to you, to say about you, that this will be a long review. To make it more digestible, both for your sake and mine, I’ve divided it into sections. I want to be thorough in explaining myself to you and to any other readers.

Your Characters

Eve, your characters were magnificent. They each felt real. I adored Sancho and Percy and even JJ, towards the end, though I still don’t quite trust her. Armaan had me cheering—he reminds me so much of Firefly’s Wash and I can’t say why, except I love them both. I found Madison’s mood swings fascinating and Heather’s complexity and wits impressive, even as I grew to hate her as much as Eve did. Your characterization was just so splendidly done that I couldn’t help but fall in love with every single one of them—even the side characters like Ramsey and Furst felt really real.

Jason played such a wonderful contrast to too many heroes I’ve seen, and that made you so much more enjoyable. The romantic subplot felt altogether more plausible as I could see him unraveling and raveling around the protagonist.

And your heroine… she was wonderful. Eve was abrasive and socially awkward, but she had good reasons for being so. Seeing her grow over the course of the novel, seeing her defenses adjust to let others climb over the walls she had built around her heart… it was just so well-done.

Your Dialogue

If I had to pick one thing that you did right, Eve, it’s the dialogue. I mention it second because it is through the dialogue that the characters shine more than anywhere else, and this author has a skill for writing snarky retorts and hilarious exchanges between characters that I admire and wish I could emulate.

I have nothing but praise for the dialogue.

Your Writing

Unfortunately, Eve, I’ve something a little less than praise for the writing in you. I’ve been watching your author’s writing videos so much lately that it was difficult not to read you as a writer, a critique partner, perhaps, and I couldn’t help but notice the things I would do differently. I found some of the narrative didn’t quite work me as well as the dialogue did—if I were to do a line-edit, there would be things I would change. On the line level, this didn’t bother as much as it did in the greater scheme of things.

There are certain scenes in you, Eve, that I would have shortened or cut altogether. Similarly, there are conflicts and scenes that were left out, or summarized, that I would have really liked to see written out—especially given the skill with which your dialogue was written, Eve. Your chapters were sometimes frustratingly long. At the end of them, I found myself more likely to put “down” the ebook for a break than being pulled to keep reading. The scene breaks, in that sense, felt too much like breaks and too little like leading hooks, dragging me further.

I want a physical copy of you so badly, though, precisely because of those videos. I want to mark it up and add sticky notes and tabs to it, to study it and pull apart how you work, Eve. The same writerly perspective that has me criticizing some aspects has me wanting to study the rest to improve my own writing, and that is wonderful.

Your World/Setting

Your author has mentioned in her videos that she does not particularly enjoy reading or writing setting-heavy scenes, but for that, I think this was done especially well. The way information of the futuristic world and technology was dropped into the setting hit the happy spot, for me, because it wasn’t too much and it wasn’t too little. The hints were perfect to imagine a larger world around them, and they made so much sense.

Also the Interlopers. JFC. The anatomy lesson made me so happy. The way both the Interlopers (the aliens) and the Chimaera were explained was just wonderful. Another reader might complain about the info-dump, but I thought it exceedingly well-done.

Your Plot

The suspense, for me, was hurt a little bit by the way you would switch POV from Eve to Jason occasionally. I think it would be more interesting had we stuck to Eve unless absolutely necessary—the scene with Percy and the second to last chapter with the hospital were the only ones where I really felt a different POV was necessary. Otherwise, Jason’s was jarring. I would rather not know what happened in the fight because Eve’s unconscious than I would want to switch heads just to witness it.

But then I’m not a huge fan of fight scenes in general. I just didn’t think that was a good enough reason to switch points of view.

Otherwise, Eve, the way your plot built up and escalated was beautiful. The end in particular, I think, is laudable: while you delivered a beautifully wrapped up conclusion, you have kicked open the door for things to get a whole hell of a lot worse in future books—which I definitely want to read.

Jenna Moreci

Author Bio [from Goodreads]: Jenna Moreci is a young adult/new adult author, vlogger extraordinaire, nerd-incognito, & alleged cyborg. She specializes in writing adorable, romantic goodness punctuated by moments of extreme violence and bloodshed. Her sanity is questionable. Some of Jenna’s other talents include prolific cursing, spilling/dropping things, accidentally making people cry, and drawing.

Recommend? Preorder~ Because why would you wait?
Recommended for? Fans of scary aliens, in-depth characters, a diverse cast, and well-plotted series openers.

Thanks for reading!
Are you excited to read Eve: The Awakening?


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8 thoughts on “Thinking about Eve: The Awakening by Jenna Moreci

  1. This review was absolutely wonderful and creative! I really like the approach you took to writing it. And as for the book itself? It sounds incredibly interesting. Aliens? Chimaera? Exciting!! Its going on my TBR for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, firstly, I kind of love your review style.

    Secondly, I think I’m going to have to check this book out. I followed your comments and updates about it on Goodreads, and I’m so curious, even more so after this review! Although, you mentioned the writing was the downfall…and I kind of base a lot of points on the writing style. Nevertheless, I think I’ll have to give this book a try, anyway, because you mentioned that the characters were fantastic and I’m a sucker for great characters!

    Great review, Blaise!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I figure we talk to our pets sometimes, so why not to our books?

      I tend to value writing pretty highly, too–it’s the reason why I kind of loathe Huck Finn. Here, though, they were mostly editorial choices that I disagreed with. It’s so wholly subjective, too, that you may not even notice the things that bugged me a little. And overall, the book is /really/ good, in my humble opinion.


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