On Routines

I like routines.  They keep me doing things consistently. I haven’t yet built blogging into my routine–at least not the writing posts part–but I hope to over the next few weeks. I want to upload consistent, quality content. It’s like a New Year’s Resolution in April.

The change of the semesters affects my routine of course. I have different classes (and now different shifts) in the fall, spring and summer. Apparently I don’t work at all in May. I have no idea how people handle work schedules that change weekly–I wouldn’t get anything done and it would drive me crazy.

I know that routines sometimes cause people to fall into a rut–when you feel like you’re doing the exact same thing every day, and like nothing new is coming your way. I don’t really get that with routines, though that may be because they change fairly often, and because my free time tends to vary immensely. Some Wednesdays, I go home and do homework; others, I go out with friends.

Thanks to Google Images

Thanks to Google Images

I do like to schedule things ahead of time, rather than being fully spontaneous–I don’t drive, and it’s just easier to know stuff like that. I have a tabletop game every Monday, Friday, and Saturday. Tuesdays and Thursdays I don’t get home till late.

At least, that was this semester.

Over the coming weeks, my routine is going to disappear. Just when I’m used to not doing anything noteworthy, I’ll have to grow accustomed to a new schedule (which I don’t know yet and which makes me a little frustrated). Two months after that, I’ll get a new schedule and a new routine once again.

My goal is not just to establish a blogging routine, as I mentioned earlier. I want to try to establish a blogging routine that will remain mostly intact as other parts of my routine change.

Maybe I’ll finally get a regular sleep schedule.

Either way, as the next few weeks pass, I hope to finish up my review of Perfume, write a review for Hex Hall (which I recently listened to), and write a few discussion posts. Maybe I’ll pick up Top 5 Wednesday again.

Do you like routines?
How do you maintain yours, if you have one?
Thanks for reading and I look
forward to your comments!

6 thoughts on “On Routines

  1. I love the idea of having a routine, but I am so unpredicatable in how I feel and what I want to do, that it makes it impossible to sustain :/ I work my way around not having routines by giving myself deadlines. And telling people about my deadlines so I feel even more motivated to keep them. Case in point, my Week in Review! 😀

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    • I tend to have trouble keeping my own deadlines (and routines for that matter). I’m just trying to build a few good habits to keep myself regular. I like to keep routines open, too–like saying I want to read something during this time period, rather than specifying what book, or saying this is the time to get something done or mess around.


  2. I love routines. But I am the WORST at sticking to them! Especially now, I will be needing to get into a routine for school and all of my blog stuff because I need to balance school life, blog life, writing my novel along with my extracurricular activities! But I love routines and think they are really calming and reassuring and keep you stress free (to an extent).


    • Balancing everything is really difficult. I’m trying to balance a similar load, but fortunately I really enjoy most of what I’m doing (classes less so than writing, working, and blogging xD). I do agree that routines help reduce stress; scheduling a time to get things done at a regular pace really helps keep the things to-do lower and creates less pressure at the deadline.

      Too bad I didn’t establish a routine for finals ^^;

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    • Planning is much easier than sticking to it. The organization also helps me destress, because I can see what I have to do by when, even if I still procrastinate. Breaking down larger projects sometimes makes them less daunting as well, and those smaller pieces are easier to fit into a routine.

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