To-Do Lists

It’s that part of the semester.

I don’t know if you’re in school. I don’t know what your school experience is.

For the people who live in my region, or for most people in the US, actually, I think. There comes a time, twice a year, in which the stress levels tend to go immensely through the roof because of school. They are the time just before finals, which usually happens late November through mid-December, and then again mid-April through June (allowing for a movement of a couple of weeks, depending on your district and the particular semester).

For me, it’s that part of the semester.

Projects are piling up.

I have 2 final papers to finish this coming week. The week of April 27th, I have 2 final exams, 2 final project presentation, and 2 final papers due. This is with all classes actively ongoing, normal daily homework to turn in, and working 16 hours a week (I am aware there are people who work significantly more than this, and I applaud your grit).

I’m tired and a little stressed, but there’s been a slight saving grace in the mess of homework and projects.

Thanks to Google Images~

Thanks to Google Images~

Have you ever written a to-do list? If you’ve done a TBR, I’d argue you have. It’s a list of things we intend to accomplish, after all.

I find them really useful to keep with the homework I have to do. Whenever I finish something, I highlight itβ€”it lets me know how much I have left to do, and it helps me feel accomplished because I have a visual indicator of how much I have already done. It helps me gauge how much I have to accomplish for the rest of the week, because I usually make these for over the weekend.

I keep an agenda, too. Did you ever get them for free from your school? (At my middle school, teachers required our parents to sign off on them every Friday to prove they knew what homework we had to do.) I had to pay for mine but I rather like it. I use it primarily for keeping track of major events and due dates (like the finals and final papers).

Thanks for reading!
Do you do to-do lists? In what format?
How do you keep up with yours?

And if you’re a student or instructor, good luck with finals season!


8 thoughts on “To-Do Lists

  1. I’ve got my AS exams coming up in 3 weeks time (1st year of A Levels in UK) so I’m stressing out as well, don’t worry! I bought a mini whiteboard and write up a small to-do list on homework and revision everyday πŸ˜›

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  2. I have different to-do lists for different things. I have a to-do list for blog stuff, life stuff, and homework. I usually use either sticky notes or Evernote.

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  3. OMG! It feels like yesterday when I used to get stressed for exams! Thankfully I’m done with my studies and happily enjoying life without exams…
    Best of luck to you for all your papers and projects πŸ™‚

    Coming back to the topic of to-dos, I have OCD and being super organised I do use to-lists. In fact, I make them every other day. I have separate ones for books, house-work, writing, work, important days and blog posts. All these are further sub-categorised. I’m a to-do fanatic and I love ’em ❀
    I make the short ones on post-its and put them on fridge or my laptop (where I can see them.) Rest of the to-do lists I make on my phone. I use Samsung Note-4 and it has inbuilt S-note stuff which works perfectly fine for me. Additionally, I use Evernote, Trello and Write Now apps.

    I hope you're having a great time! πŸ™‚

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    • That sounds intense. At least you’ll never forget anything.

      I sort of sporadically use the S-Note feature, but, more often than not, I prefer a physical to-do list. That way, I can turn off my cell phone while I’m working on something and not get as distracted, but still keep track of what I’ve accomplished.


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