#FridayReads [1]

Good evening everyone! This post is barely minutes late, so don’t mind me. I thought I’d do a Friday Reads post as a little general update.

This week has been absolutely crazy for me, what with general homework and work getting really busy. Plus I had an annotated bibliography due today at midnight (guess why I’m writing this a bit late?). Also, I don’t know if I just have a really tedious cold or if I’ve finally developed allergies to something in the air (apparently the mulberry and cottonwood are both really bad this year). So after all of that, I really look forward to reading some fun stuff this weekend. Interesting to note may be that I was actually unable to find the covers I have of the first two.

1. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Süskind

Cover taken from Google Images

Cover taken from Google Images

This book is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. I’m particularly fond of the writing style, actually–I can see why someone else wouldn’t like it, but it’s just a bit magical to me. I’m reading this for class, and I need to have it completely finished by Tuesday, but I hope to accomplish the whole thing this weekend.

2. “Das Urteil” (“The Judgment”) by Franz Kafka

Cover thanks to Google Images

Cover thanks to Google Images

I am also reading this for class. I’m not sure yet if I have to finish it for Tuesday or not, but I’ll try to get through it–it hasn’t been so bad so far, but a little bit dry. Maybe something will actually happen over the next few pages!

3. The Young Elites by Marie Lu

Cover image thanks to Google Images

Cover image thanks to Google Images

I don’t think I’ll finish it this weekend, but I would really like to make at least a bit of progress in this audiobook. I’m about halfway through it, and I actually rather enjoy it. The characters are very interesting, even if the plot isn’t as exciting as it could be, and the atmosphere could be stronger.

What are you reading this weekend?

8 thoughts on “#FridayReads [1]

  1. Yay for Perfume! Let me know how you liked it.
    This weekend I’ve been reading Jane Austen’s “Emma” and Tanith Lee’s “Black Unicorn”. “Emma” makes me really frustrated because I hate Emma Woodhouse, but I like seeing her cut down to size from time to time. I don’t think she’s going to grow on me haha. She’s such an infuriating being.

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    • The only Black Unicorn I’m vaguely familiar with is actually the sequel to Magic Kingdom for Sale but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Tanith Lee.

      I haven’t yet read Emma but I hope that I don’t get annoyed by her. Usually I have a decent tolerance, but thank you for the warning! Why do you find her frustrating?


  2. The Perfume sounds like an interesting read. Is the plot any good? Is it based on a true story?
    I’ve read three books over the course of a week, and now I’m trying to get into “On Writing” by Stephen King, but it’s hard because the style is soooo different. xD

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    • The plot of Perfume is enjoyable if you like (or at least don’t mind) biographies, I think, because it does follow the main character’s life, from his birth to his death. As far as I know, it is not based on a true story (it’s a little too much magical realism). I really enjoyed the language and I found the character’s mindset fascinating, though.

      I’ve not yet read Stephen King, but I have On Writing on my shelf and have recently read a couple of glowing reviews of it. I’m rather excited to read it. I hope you enjoy it ^^

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