T5W || Worst Series Enders

Belated Top 5 Wednesday (sorry!) because I didn’t have the time to add cover images yesterday. Top 5 Wednesday is hosted via GoodReads and YouTube by GingerReadsLainey, and charges readers with picking their top 5 _____ every week. This week, we’re talking about the top 5 worst series enders.

This was a really difficult one for me to do, in part because I had a terrible time finding series I’ve actually finished. I don’t read a lot of trilogies; the series I read tend to be at least 5 books long. The Dresden Files is at 15, for example. But then, the series I had finished were books I haven’t picked up in years and thus couldn’t remember very well. In a way, that was eye-opening: I’m always looking for a long series because I can stick with the characters for a long time. I guess that’s working. I’m still with most of these characters. I haven’t bid adieu to Harry Dresden or Ben Holiday yet.

And just because I’ve started a trilogy doesn’t mean I’ve finished it. There are several unfinished trilogies on my shelves.


So I narrowed it down to 3, so there would still be some sort of lost. Top 3 Wednesday, I guess. Enjoy ~

1. Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (The Twilight Saga)

Cover image courtesy of Google Images

Although it was great to see Bella come into her own person a bit here, the the extent of the multiple problematic relationships and the anticlimactic ending were nothing short of an unnecessarily graphic disappointment. It was too neat.

2. The epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling (Harry Potter Series)

Cover image courtesy of Google Images

I’m going to get so much hate for this somewhere on Earth.

The thing is, there were a lot of little things that bugged me. I just kind of wish that the book had ended before the epilogue, because I found the epilogue dissatisfying as an ending. This is probably the weakest one on the list, though, for reasons stated above.

3. The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan (Kane Chronicles)

Cover image courtesy of Google Images

Isn’t that cover just gorgeous, though?

I’m just not okay with what happened to Walt and this was just below the quality of the previous books for me, despite the way Ra ended up working out.

In general I didn’t think these were terrible endings–I just thought they weren’t as good as the few others on my list of completed series.

Thanks for reading!
What are your top 5 worst series enders?
Have you, too, not finished many series?

5 thoughts on “T5W || Worst Series Enders

  1. Totally agreeing with you on the Harry Potter epilogue fiasco. It was so unnecessary. And the fact that Harry’s son’s named Albus Severus just adds to the overall fail, to my mind. Naming your kid after a man that used and manipulated you, and another man who was a murderer and still held grudge because your mum “friendzoned” him is just.. pathetic.

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