T5W || Bookish Habits

Welcome to a nearly late Top 5 Wednesday Post! Top 5 Wednesday is hosted via GoodReads and YouTube by GingerReadsLainey, and charges readers with picking their top 5 _____ every week. This week, we’re talking about bookish habits, which I thought was an interesting prompt. I originally came up with ten, and decided to go for the ones that I didn’t end up humming to the tune of “We Can’t Stop” (because I didn’t want that song stuck in my head). So I rephrased and rechose what to share.


These are not in ranked order.

1. I weigh down paperbacks so the cover won’t bend/curl.

This is because I really like my books to be in pristine condition, or as close to as I can keep them. I don’t like the covers to bend up or to be curled, and god forbid a page gets doggy-eared. I also don’t write in books, even my textbooks, for this same reason. And no, I don’t intend to sell them someday–I just want them to last as long as possible.

2. I don’t lend books. End of discussion.

Except not really. I used to lend books. I used to lend books gladly. I would encourage people to borrow things from my miniature “library” as long as they told me what they were borrowing and got it back to me. It didn’t happen often that someone borrowed a book.

Most times, though, I got it back. And most of those times, I got it back in decent condition. BUt the times I didn’t… they started to add together; frustration mixed with anger mixed with sadness and confusion over why they would let this happen to my babies. Water damaged paperbacks, the front cover and several pages ripped off from a vacuum cleaner… Just… Why?

Basically, these few people ruined it for everyone.

As a sidenote, Novels and Nonsense did a wonderful video on the matter of lending books. You can find that here~. It’s a little dramatic, but it’s fun to watch because of that 😀

3. I binge read sporadically.

I’m the kind of person who will read 4 books in a row in a day, and the not pick up another book for weeks, possibly months (though that’s primarily because of school). When I don’t have school, I tend to binge-read a little less, in the sense that I take more time between individual books. I don’t have the pressure to read while I can on my shoulders nearly as much, so I don’t feel as guilty for doing a little something else between devouring pages and writing.

4. Although I collect bookmarks, I tend to use random scraps of paper instead for the sake of convenience.

I don’t have too many bookmarks. I have more books than I have bookmarks, at least. Not all of my bookmarks are pretty, but they’re stuck between the pages of this small hardcover journal I will probably never write in.

5. I start series and often don’t finish them.

I’m on book 11 of the Dresden Files. I read the first three books in each the House of Night series and the Vampire Academy series. I’ve read the first two books and the fourth book in Jean M. Auel’s Earth’s Children series.

I just haven’t finished them. I have finished a handful of series that memory permits, but for the most part it’s been at least 4 years since I have, in part because I tend to seek out long series. I don’t often pick up trilogies, which were or still are so popular. I don’t necessarily want to stop reading these series, I just somehow don’t get around to it. I’ll read the first book in the series, maybe the sequel, and won’t go any further for some reason.

I don’t know. I just don’t.

Maybe it’s that I also don’t have a ton of time to read, because school and all, but that’s not quite as relevant.

Thanks for reading!
What are your top 5 bookish habits?
Do any of these ring a bell for you?

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